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This video brings tears to my eyes. Every time. I hope it touches you as much as it did me.



Posted: June 3, 2010 by justmeangie in Atheism, General
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My first reaction to hearing the world “spiritual” is usually pretty negative. I think of Deepak Chopra or Sylvia Brown or Storm, Tarot readings and horoscopes. It seems that those who chose to use this term are generally (how to say this nicely?) not quite the brightest people in the world. Either they’re deluded or they’re asking for donations and preying on the gullible.

Now the ironic thing is that I find myself drawn more and more to the “spiritual.” I am currently taking a course titled Modern Spirituality for Personal Development. I can’t explain the compulsion I feel to read more and more about spirituality. Next on my books-to-read list are Spiritual Enlightenment by Jed McKenna and Spiritual Atheism by Steve Antinoff. This is a difficult path to take for one who tries to look at the world rationally.

There’s a fine line between philosophy and supernatural spirituality and I think the terms are often confused. Is practicing meditation and evaluating one’s thoughts and habits “spiritual?” What if you couldn’t care less about having any kind of enlightenment experience? What if you just have questions about reality, meaning, and existence? Is the term spiritual more closely related with metaphysical ideas, mysticism, and the supernatural or could it simply be a description for the search for meaning and truth? I tend to associate “spirituality” with mysticism and supernatural claims and “philosophy” with explorations of meaning and truth, but I don’t think others make this distinction. Either way, it seems that the term is too common to avoid. I might even have to call myself “spiritual” depending on the definition. I suppose I’ll just have to get over the connotations.