Question for Theists: Evolution and The Soul

Posted: June 7, 2010 by justmeangie in General
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There is something I’ve been wondering about theists who accept evolution as true. Given that most (if not all) theists believe in a soul and that this soul is crucial to their whole theological position, at what point in the history of evolution did the soul come into existence? It’s one of those questions for which I don’t think there could possibly be a good answer. Where do you draw the line between highly advanced animals and “humans” who would be considered “children of god,” special and distinct from other creatures? The problem that I see is that there isn’t really any point in evolutionary history where it would make sense to say that one animal is human and the other prehuman. And without a specific point, wouldn’t every single living organism, even to the point of bacteria and plants, have to have souls? Curious to see what you might have thought about this.

  1. For me that’s not much of a concern. Evolutionarily speaking there is, at some point, a moment where homo erectus becomes homo sapien…I doubt it’s significantly different from that. To me that question is like the proverbial one about how many grains of sand does it take to make a pile of sand. Maybe it’s 40, but then is it not a pile at 39? There is a point when it becomes a pile. At some point, there was an animal that became a human…God’s smart enough to figure out exactly when.

  2. justmeangie says:

    lol, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think it’s an interesting and valid question. 🙂 I was trying to think how I might have answered this when I was a theist.

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